SkullFly:Dungeon Escape

"SkullFly: Dungeon Escape" is a thrilling platformer game that takes you on a journey as a skull through a dangerous dungeon. As you progress, you will encounter various creatures such as demons, skeletons, mummies, and more, and you must battle them while solving puzzles and opening doors to reach the end of each level. Your skull is equipped with the ability to collect bones and use them as weapons and transform into a ghost to manipulate objects and pass through walls. You can also collect bone wings to fly and make your journey easier. Each level ends with a unique boss fight that you must defeat. This game offers a smooth control system and beautiful graphics with dark and atmospheric dungeons. The sound effects and music add to the immersive experience. You can also collect gold and purchase upgrades to make your journey easier. With challenging levels and an exciting storyline, "SkullFly: Dungeon Escape" is the ultimate platformer experience. It's free to play, so download it now and start your journey through the dungeon!

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Astronaut Rush: Galactic Assault

In Astronaut Rush, get ready for an exciting space journey! Step into the shoes of an astronaut and blast off into a far-off galaxy with your trusty jetpack and rocket royale. Navigate the treacherous landscape of outer space, avoiding alien invasions, asteroids, lasers, and other challenges on your way to the space station or the moon. During your moon mission, you will engage in intense battles with Martian aliens, relying on your dexterity and skills to dodge asteroids and emerge as the victor. As you embark on your space adventure, collect stars and bonuses that can enhance your journey. You may even come across a rocket royale that will help you reach your destination faster. Additionally, you can accumulate stars that can be redeemed for new spacesuits, each with its own unique upgrades and abilities. Customize your astronaut to suit your playstyle and gear up for a space shooter game full of action and excitement. You'll encounter a variety of obstacles and enemies, including fragments of the moon, Mars, and aliens, on your epic journey through the galaxy. With eye-catching graphics, immersive gameplay, and challenging levels, Astronaut Rush is a space adventure that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.

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A Hit: Blade Master & CrazyMan

"Welcome to A Hit: Blade Master & CrazyMan! This is an action-packed, knife throwing game that challenges you to hit the targets while avoiding other knives. The goal is to become a blade master by honing your dexterity and accuracy. As you play, you'll collect coins that can be used to buy new knives or to participate in the boss tournament. Every fifth level, you'll face a boss that must be defeated to add to your collection. With special weapons like time dilation and a fire sword, you'll complete difficult levels with ease. The gameplay is easy to learn and is based on physics. You'll improve your skills with each subsequent level, learning to balance the blow with a knife. The game is free to play, offline and does not require an internet connection. It's suitable for all ages and offers nice effects and realistic knife punch physics. To play, simply click on the screen to throw the knife. Make sure to hit the empty space and not existing knives. Each successful hit will add points and activate special abilities like the clock to slow down time and the fiery sword to hit the target the first time. Get ready for an exciting experience with A Hit: Blade Master & CrazyMan, the ultimate knife throwing game for hitmasters! Download and play now!"

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Destroy all Ships

"Set sail on a thrilling adventure with "Destroy all Ships"! In this fast-paced game, you tap the screen to fire torpedoes and sink enemy ships. Navigate through dangerous obstacles such as mines and islands as you progress through each level. Every time you hit a barrel, you'll earn valuable bonuses such as extra torpedoes, lives, or the ability to slow down enemy ships. Your objective is to sink all enemy ships before they escape, and every five levels, you'll encounter a powerful boss ship that requires strategy and skill to defeat. With enemy ships moving across the screen horizontally, upgrade your weapons and improve your skills to become the ultimate destroyer. Don't miss out on the excitement of naval battles in this pulse-pounding game.

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"Play the exciting and challenging game of Cyclopsy! This game takes inspiration from classic board games such as Checkers, Reversi, and Ottelo, but offers a unique twist with extended gameplay. You play as the green cyclops, facing off against the black cyclops. Take turns making moves and try to turn as many of the enemy's cyclops into your own. If there are no options for a move, you will skip a turn. The game also features exciting bonuses such as the Ball, Sleep, Plus, Reversi, Cube, and Minus. To win at each level, you must fulfill specific conditions such as having 50% or more cyclops, defeating all Royal Cyclops, breaking all tiles on the field, and defrosting cyclops. Download Cyclopsy today and experience the thrill of strategic board game battles!"

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